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We love our pets and enjoy raising quality pups for adopted companions. Pets require a lot of time, patients, and LOVE! We ask that you examine your situation and make sure you are capable of providing all three. We require a suitable environment for your new companion to live and stay. Keeping them clean, dry, and comfortable. Clean water available at all times and a healthy diet of quality dog food. Keeping their vaccinations current at all times.  If at any time you feel you cannot care for your pet due to unforeseen circumstances you must reach out to us immediately. We then will discuss the best options for rehoming your pet. The pup will be seen by our Veterinarian at 6 weeks of age and undergo there first round of vaccinations.  We use a third party courier that is very reasonable and professional if you need help getting your pup home. Let us know know if this service is needed and we will forward their contact information to you. The pup will have to be paid in full and money cleared before the pup leaves our home. Also the Puppy Adoption Contract will need to be signed by you and emailed to us prior to the pup leaving our home.  It goes into detail of our policy and health guarantee. If you would like to review the contract click on the following link. Puppy Adoption Contract 

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